Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to - Oscam + CCcam start/stop cam script . Enigma 2

How to - Oscam + CCcam start/stop cam script . Enigma 2

This is a simple script for those enigma 2 images without cam + cardserver options in the softcam menu from blue button. You can still start/stop etc from blue button by simply modifying your existing script on your receiver. The scripts in enigma 2 on most images are in /usr/camscript. You can simply use your favourite editor to amend the scripts already contained on the box.

This script will start oscam first and then add a 15 second delay until starting cccam which allows oscam to take control of the internal readers before cccam grabs hold of them.

The other benefit is that it enables you to install your own compiled oscam for your sat receiver and you dont have to rely on addon panels etc which contain old or buggy oscam versions.

remove_tmp () {
rm -rf /tmp/ /tmp/ /tmp/cardinfo
case "$1" in
/var/bin/oscam &
sleep 15
/var/bin/CCcam &
touch /tmp/CCcam.kill
sleep 5
killall -9 CCcam oscam 2>/dev/null
sleep 2
$0 stop
exit 1
exit 0

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