Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dream Elite OscamInfo v. 02

Dream Elite OscamInfo v. 02

This plugin version is for both Oscam version UMP and SB
To use this plugin you have to respect these requisites:

1) This plugin works on Dream Elite images only
2) To use this plugin you need to have an Oscam version compiled with WEBIF
3) This plugin is made on Oscam versions: SB-svn2279 and UMP-svn2049 (Earlier or newest version of oscam could not work).
3) You have to configure your /etc/tubox/config/oscam.conf

To use this plugin you have to edit your file /etc/tubox/config/oscam.conf
1) In [global] section add the line:

saveinithistory = 12) in [webif] section you have to use these settings:

httpallowed =,
httpport = 8080
httpuser =
httppwd =

You have not to set user and password. But you can be sure because with these settings only local connections to your oscam will be admitted.

You can change port and local ip range, but the address have to present in httpallowed setting.
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