Thursday, June 23, 2011

CCcam/Oscam Automated Installation

CCcam/Oscam Automated Installation

This is an automated installation script for Linux PC based cardsevers. The original scripts written by Youknowwho (R.I.P), this is his CCcam and Oscam script put together. A few modifications had to be done to the script incorporate Oscam and its dependencies, so other than the normal programs its installs (compared to the original script), it will install a few other ones that are need for oscam and various devices to fully function.

Oscam has been compiled, x86 (not 64bit), version #5376, it has webIF and smartreader support, smargo's and serial readers are pretty much ready to go. PCSC devices (Omnikey, etc) haven't been tested so I don't know if it works, feel free to test and report if they do.

Before installation open the script and fill in the owner name with your user login name for linux i.e. login username = server, put server next to owner. Copy files to /tmp folder, chmod 755 the script file and as root in terminal(sudo -i, for ubuntu) run the script, it will put the neccessary files where they belong. A CCcam.cfg file is included with this, however all it has is a N line for Oscam to connect to CCcam, either copy your existing cfg file into this or copy the n line to your cfg file, one or the other, otherwise it will not work. Oscam.conf, Oscam.server and Oscam.user files are included too, however these need to be edited to incorporate your setup, i.e. smargo or serial reader, caid, there is plenty of info and guides on the forums to get it properly configured.

I have tried to get this to work on Ubuntu, sadly I couldn't get it to work (common glibc2.8 not installed error), an experienced linux user probably can get it working, I couldn't. Tested and working very well in Ubuntu 10.4. I take no credit for this, just someone trying to give back to the community, anything related to the script please put in forum and i shall get back to you. Please don't contact me about card setups, etc.

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